Monday, 28 March 2016

Transition from semester one

Semester 1 – Final Year

Before Christmas my project was based around wild animals, specifically rhinos and elephants. I was looking closely at the texture of the skin and the patterns that could be found when looking closely at the skins. The fabrics that I created were aimed at children’s wear, ages 0 – 5years. The collection was a collaboration of fabrics that could both be used for garments as well as accessories such as Blankets and bootees as well as other items such as hats. The fabrics were versatile and used a mix of fibres to create texture. The picture above is one of the fabrics that i created for this initial project.

The transition into my next project follows on as I wish to keep the continuity of texture but use a different influence for my designs, which will be part of my final degree show.

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